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On this day, my mother and I went out shopping. When I went in, I just saw a dollar. I bent down and reached out to pick it up. As I walked and played, my eyes seemed to be hypnotized and followed it. As if it were my boss, I was its follower. While playing vigorously, my mother said suddenly: "Huiyuan, give this money to the police uncle." "Why? This is what I picked up, and not what he picked up. Why give it to him. And that's about it It ��s cheap, and he wo n��t understand it. Also, no one saw it just now, what ��s the matter with me? Just give it to me Cigarettes For Sale. Anyway, it ��s not a big deal for a dollar, just give it to me. . Even if I beg you, will you? "I said eagerly, it was a little cheap, it was no big deal. But if you go on like this Online Cigarettes, you will be greedy for money, you will be a thief, and you will be a robber. If it is a thousand days, isn't it a thousand dollars? If this is the case, if one hundred pieces are found, would n��t they be killed or given? Also, you did n��t talk to you without a teacher, ca n��t you be greedy and cheap? "Mother asked me. Huh! Since she didn't give it to me, then I would make an excuse, go to a snack shop, and spend it secretly. I immediately asked my mother:" Then go shopping first, and then give the police uncle It's not too late? "No. "My mother said firmly. I turned my eyes to my mother again. But in the indisputable voice of my mother, I knew clearly that there was no room for my words Newport 100S. I was reluctant and willing to pay I gave it to my mother. Bad mother did n��t give me a dollar. I grunted and turned my head to the side, exhaling heavily, and complaining. The dollar disappeared from my hand. Not reconciled, and thought again. Suddenly, another bold thought came to my mind: go buy a dollar, and then what I bought is mine! I still ask my mother: "You hold this thing , But go shopping first. Mother still refused: "No, you must give the police uncle first." "Later, I couldn't help but raised the white flag and surrendered. In the future, I often encounter the tempting" fish ". My police mother warned me: Don't cause a long-term big because of a temptation to be small and cheap. Woe. If you get this kind of education from childhood, you will become a better person when you grow up. People are very interested in interests. On the street, if you pick up a dollar or ten yuan, there may be others who are not rare. But, if it is One hundred, one thousand ... or more? Wouldn't you be rare? If you can find it, will you give it to the owner?
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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